Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wasted Years:

I recently met a guy in his early forties looking for answers through a spiritual quest. Shy, introverted, he has difficulty talking to people around him. He is also risk averse, so much so that he stayed in one job for 15 years just because his horoscope told him not to. In that 15 years, he faced so much of politics that he got stress disorder, anxiety and depression. With a hint of pride, he told me that he has never dated.

Instead of feeling sympathy for him, I felt so repulsed that I could have easily slapped him. What good is a spiritual search if you do not want to change yourself in the process? What good is a life if you cannot go beyond yourself and seeing the world only from your narrow perspective? What good is living if you have not taken a risk?

I have a friend who due to some childhood issues tends to fall into relationships where the guy treats her like dirt. She has understood the repeat pattern in her life and the reason for the same, yet she does not have the will to break away from it.

In the meanwhile, years have gone by unattended. And then when you actually do turn around, the world around you has changed and you realise that you have missed out on a prime facet called Life.

I believe in karma (not the negative types and which results in a fatalistic approach to life) and I believe in re-incarnation. I know I have lived for centuries and probably will for the next few centuries. It’s a burden then to keep coming back just to understand your repeat patterns and break them. Imagine living 180 years (or three lives) just to understand that all you needed to do was say No, or extend a hand, or say sorry!

Be aware of yourself. Once you know who you are, what others say or do to you will cease to matter. As a friend had once told me long ago - if you know better, act better.

Change now. Live your life as if there is a meaning. Keep growing as a spiritual being.

Time is precious.