Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I have come to realize just how cathartic cooking can be. When your mind is fucked up and you cannot make any sense out of life, when friends lovingly try to comfort you but don’t exactly understand you...then the best thing to do is cook. The chopping, cleaning, grinding seems to take away all the anger, the anguish and the pain. By the time you finish making that last chapatti, you realize that you are singing along with the music playing on your deck….unmindful of the world.

There was a time when nothing I cooked ever came out right. My sister and mom used to poke fun at me whenever I wanted to cook dinner….telling me to start in the morning so that I could finish by dinnertime. Now I am amazed at how fast I can cook – a full course meal in one and a half hours. And to top it all my flatmate often tells me that ‘it tastes amazing’. My mom still refuses to believe me.

I think the real taste of cooking comes out when you cook for others. That’s why Mom’s cooking is always the best.

My friend R’s little philosophies…….

………. “Life is good when you don’t have anything. The real fun is in the wanting and waiting. What’s the fun in having everything?”

………. “Life is like a pattern in the sand….just when you think you’ve figured out what it is….the wave washes it away and creates a fresh pattern.”

Graffiti: Eat healthy and Die anyways!

Behind an auto: Dosti pakki, kharcha apna apna