Sunday, February 17, 2013


I finally found a city which lets me dream.

It’s not important that I can be myself here. What I treasure most is that I can simply lose myself need to be even me. This is the only city where I can walk without a care in the world, lost in my own thoughts, my own tune. This is the only city where I can walk and walk and just keep walking. This is the only city where I can sit alone in its many parks with the sun filtering through its beautiful trees and read uninterrupted for hours. The only interruption is when I want to listen to the wind rustling the leaves of the trees or when I want to see how close the squirrels could come to you.  

For many years, I have travelled to Bangalore for just a couple of days when it would be work and hurried meetings with friends.  This time I stayed for a much longer time, enough to understand the pulse of the city and its people. What I saw I loved immensely - its many quaint lanes and by-lanes covered with massive rain trees, beautiful buildings and delightful cafes. A good mix of both Delhi and Mumbai, its unhurried, laid back pace lets you enjoy life at your own pace. I felt at peace, content yet energetic. And there were many a-times while sitting out late at night with the chilly breeze on my face and gazing at the sky, I felt a pure happiness which I have not felt in years.

Perhaps it was me. Perhaps it was the simple realisation that all those dreams that I have had was right there, coming to me at its own time and pace.

Or perhaps it was just the city weaving its spell around me.