Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Change is the Only Constant:

I like change. It takes me to whole new places, physically, mentally and emotionally. It lets me experience things I have never experienced before. It forces me to meet people I would have never met otherwise. It makes me to do things I would never dream of doing.

I am scared of change. I am scared of leaping into the unknown knowing that I might not land on my feet. I am scared of hurting and bruising myself over and over again. One part of me would love to spend the rest of my life in cosy familiarity, doing the same thing again and again with my circle of known people.

One part of me would die if I didn’t grow. Perhaps this part of me is stronger. Every time I start feeling the fuzzy warmth of familiarity around me and think of wallowing in it, change forces its way in to say it missed me.

It’s the beginning of another year and I begin it with yet another change. Where the change will lead me, how I will cope....I have no idea.

All I know now that it’s there and I have to take its hand.