Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I Found a NeverLand!

This is dedicated to Kahini:

Almost a year back, I moved to this organization despite a Huge Stop sign posted by K. After staying in Delhi for almost 15 years (by now I think even the Gods would call me a Delhite!), I thought I could face anything! Now I am not at all sure…..

My first conversation with my colleague on my first day –
C: Are you married?
Me: No.
C: Good, we hate married women!
I dared not ask what happens to working women with babies!

Kv had joined around the same time I did. For the 3 months that she stayed, she was my lifeline. Coming from the same industry, both of us were amazed at the lack of guys in the office…we both thought that it was unhealthy, contrary to popular belief there. After 3 months, she told me – “I’m missing them guys” and left. I was bereft.

I, like all my advertising (ex) colleagues have no qualms about using the hindi swear words. One fine day, I happened to say the K word loud and 10 heads popped up shocked. The F word was looked down upon but conversations about S—and B—bs were a done thing. If you have it or done it, flaunt it! The bolder, the better!

S and I used to meet in the washroom and look longingly out the window plotting our escape. S was like me, a complete ‘jhalla’ – a total misfit. She was presented with a lipstick by her colleagues to cover up her “chaffed lips” and asked to do something to her “wind-blown hair”!

The regular morning conversations over coffee were on the clothes one was wearing. I was oft told – “Ohh you are wearing this for the 2nd /3rd /4th time!” “This top will go with that skirt of yours which you wore that day” “Ahh, a silver earring!!” Omigod!! I don’t even know if I have a silver earring!

All PA’s, apart from doing their regular work, were supposed to report to their department heads what the others were talking about!

Ohh, these are just a few examples…but don’t you think I deserve a gallantry award for staying there for a year!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Of All the Things…..

…..I wanted to become - such as

Wild Life Photographer
Wild Life Researcher

…I have ended up being in the most confused profession - media! In fact I have even forgotten the meaning of most of these words above. Sometimes I Really wonder what would life be like had I been any one of these….was it destiny that brought me here or was it that I simply didn’t try! Where is the time machine…I want to go back!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Foggy Memories:

So much is being said about the Delhi fog that I feel this great urge to add my bit also. I find this all pervading, blinding, cold, grey, straight-out-from-the-nightmares type of fog very interesting. For me it is synonymous with a lot of firsts.

I came to Delhi in 1991. That year or maybe next (it was so long ago..!), the temperature had dipped to 1 degree. Mind numbing cold…even 2 sweaters, 1 coat and a shawl couldn’t give that much warmth. We used to brave the early U-special rides to the North Campus standing on the bus steps, chattering and noses dripping….and still trying to catch the eye of ‘that’ particular guy! Some evenings and nights were spent with friends singing and roaming around the campus area (ya…it used to be so safe then) with the not-so-thick fog swirling lazily around our feet. My first taste of independent life!

My first serious job happened in 1998. Our client had sponsored a New Year extravaganza at a Vasant Kunj farmhouse where Daler Mehndi was to perform (he was big that time!). The fog was so thick that it seemed like a white wall…the car which I and my colleagues took crept slowly hugging the divider. At the venue, Daler Mehndi belted out hit numbers but all in vain. Standing inches away from the stage, we couldn’t see a thing! My first ‘live show’ experience!

Sometime in the 2000s, I had to travel to Bombay for work. By luck, He was also traveling to Bombay the same day. We decided to take the same flight. Thick fog ensured that the flight got delayed by hours. I loved every moment of it…coz I got a chance to be with Him for such a long time! My first love!

This time, on the first night of the year I was standing outside on the balcony watching the heavy fog swirl crazily under the street lamps and feeling the cold damp air penetrate my brain. I felt so free…free from unnecessary tensions and mindfucks! My first time when I have quit a job without any plans or knowing what to do in the future!
As I stood watching the fog thickening and the colourful bulbs lighting the New Year banner fading, I went inside knowing that next day the sun will be bright and beautiful, the full moon will glow brilliantly and the rest of the days of this year will be just as fresh and free!!

Happy New Year folks!!