Sunday, July 30, 2006

Thru the office window:

A grey sky got darker and darker by the minute. The wind whipped the swirling clouds about and the trees swayed to its tune. Then the drops began to fall quickly transforming into sheets of rain. It dashed against the huge glass window, rivulets running down madly and collecting at the base. A pigeon struggled against the wind and the lashing rain; couldn’t find any place at the window and flew out again….I wondered what if it got tired and fell down. All around me colleagues were discussing something….I tried to concentrate but my gaze kept shifting to the grey world outside. The rain had slowed down now. Droplets now formed on the window…blurring my view of the sky and the green beyond. An eagle flew into view dancing with the wind.

That was it….I excused myself and rushed out for a whiff of the eagle’s world and breathe in the freedom…..

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Path Ahead:

Life showed me the path ahead, when I was at Crossroads
No Highway this….but another strange slow lane,
with a promised Oasis at the end.
As I skipped on, I let myself be fooled by the shimmering lights
When I lay down to rest a while,
And lifted the veil of the shimmering lights
I was dragged down by the lurking heaviness inside.
So heavy that all around me was only silence….
No calls from the far off mountains
No shuffles of restless feet
Could drag me back to my path again
Only a question remained
Does the Oasis even know,
That a tired wanderer chose to come its way and
Is waiting somewhere for a drop to wash the heaviness away?