Saturday, September 22, 2012

Home Coming:

It’s been seven long years now. I am finally going to the cold, beautiful, unfathomable high mountains up north. I am finally going home!

The sneak peek of the high mountains last year in Arunachal convinced me that the Himalayas is finally ready to have me back. But there is no mad restlessness or crazy happiness of a decade ago. Just a warm dull physical pain right in the middle of my heart. It might be due to the lack of exercise or some approaching ailment; but I want to believe that it’s the pain one feels when you are about to meet a person you had loved and lost. I am apprehensive and I am scared.

And I am happy too that the mountains have not forgotten me. That it may take years – of suppressing all longings and desires, of choosing something else over them – to come back, but these cold mountains will always be there.

For me.